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Alternative Fuels

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Alternative Fuels Benefit Everyone

Alternative fuels offer costs savings, in addition to significant environmental benefits. Haycock Petroleum has been dedicated, for years, to providing you with the latest offerings of alternative fuels. To learn more about our complete line of alternative fuels, and how they can benefit not only your company but also your community, state, and our country - please contact our sales department.

Environmentally Friendly BioDiesel Fuels

Derived from vegetable oils - BioDiesel is not petroleum. BioDiesel is an environmentally friendly, nontoxic, biodegradable alternative fuel. Biodiesel has been designated an alternative fuel under EPACT & State of NV, and is registered as a fuel & fuel additive with USEPA Specification set by ASTM 6751.

BioDiesel is currently mandated in many areas, including: EPACT fleets, State and local mandates, Air pollution control, Renewable Power Standards.


BioDiesel Benefits
  • Higher cetane
  • Better lubricity
  • Reduces emissions & toxicity
  • Blends easily with petroleum diesel
  • Can be run neat or in blends
  • Minimal infrastructure changes
  • Enhanced lubricity
  • Biodiesel easily meets ULSD standards
  • Allows for new exhaust treatment devices for diesel
  • New diesels will be cleaner than NGVs and have more power and better mileage
  • BioDiesel can be used anywhere diesel is used, including transportation, generators, and boilers

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